Mara Delrose is a half French half Moroccan classically trained fine artist from Quebec.  She is skilled with the knowledge directly from the lineage of Caravaggio.  Born Marie-Pier Tremblay, she was knighted the name Mara from the leaders of the cosmic alliance, her thoughts and creativity allowed her to directly connect with the higher realms of conscious thought.  She graduated from the blue Avion academy for the galactically gifted.  Her soul is the colmination of pure love frequency and ancient chinese Qi. 


Julian is a cool guy from San Fran.   His mind is connected to the eternal either grid of information that lies just beyond the visibIlity of conscious sight.  He is a direct decedent of the star child.  Which is why his head is long in the back and his ears point out.  Julian is not only a classically trained artist, but he also has the knowledge of time travel.  He has manipulated the vibration frequency of the 2nd dimension and has learned how, through sound, can open up alternate vibrations that leak into the 5th and 6th dimension.  Here lies 7th dimensional beings who have helped guide him in high creations of art.


Let's ride !!!!