Freaks on TV

Freaks on TV

While you're sitting on your couch watching TV

My mom in psychiatry

She had disappeared before the morning light hit the empty whiskey 


Red lips, long nails, no panty

It's how I deal with the tragedy 

Wearing the shortest dress you could ever see

I don't care go for it and judge me

You're probably better than me

Sitting on your couch watching TV

I'm the daughter of a ghost and a fairy


I remember once when we were happy

We were naively watching TV

In our hearts high hopes, orange philosophy 

We were only two still, we were family 

But Mom you couldn’t face the world, you cried to late for me

You let us become the freaks they watch on TV...


Oh Lord, I confess I'm not the best to deal with tragedy 

Not a morning I could smile smashed by my own memory 

I'm just happy at night alone under the stars ecstasy  

Death in sky is a pretty harmony

On Earth we are freaks on TV

Mara DelroseComment