California Storm

California Storm

They said the strongest storm since 20 years...

You know that storm was the echo of my broken soul

I let him play with my heart for months over the mountains

Promises and lies like I'm used to fall for

You got me excited and you ripped my heart apart to save your madness tale

Still haven't quit loving you

And I still go to sleep beating the truth inside my brain

Realizing this love have to die it's INSANE!!!!


All I wanted was something real, oh God how far did I fly

Fly inside the deepest lie, it's worst to die for money

It was a love storm all I wanted was to drift away spinning infinite love and poetry

Coming every night on your words, you'll move to Cali for me..

All you did it's fuck me hard in a car and disappear from me

Didn't even deserved a bed, after all the lies you said,

After breaking my heart and fucking my head

Why did you build this lie for me?

The way the waves screams reminds me the way you lied to me..

Violently crashing trees of life, I can’t help thinking to murder your life

You’re the darkest love I ever knew in this life

And you let your true love die...


Mara DelroseComment