A Tripolar, between Ocean and Mountains

I'm sitting in front of a library of waves, wet skin reflecting blue tears, an ocean is looking straight into my eyes, inside their own pages through the chaos, absorbing the gasoline in my veins.  For months, I've been floating with the sea and the mountains, putting my heart back together while their cold winds are passing through my chest.  

Oh, Ocean and Mountains you're nothing without one another, because when the land of the mountains mourns its drought, the waves swallow their pain. And when the sea rages, the mountains crumble their love.  So, why am I sitting here between your true Love?

I can't help it! Their beauty is killing me. They look through me like I wasn't there, shattering every desperate dreams I ever had and piercing my inexistent love story. With a billion poetries they’ve inspired, I wonder why they only whisper what love is... 

Waving with the moon, the ocean is carrying me softly like he's the only one who knows how far I am from the usual. The sea never had a second thought. I can hear their miserable sounds... I should let the past behind? I try to keep it straight without seeing the line. Tripolar is how you describe my saturated brain?  But don't you know I’ve been giving a burning love to the darkest iceberg. Am I insane?

With this deep terror inside, my soul knows how warm it can feel, too many times like this, I'm burning the ground through their vitality.  Delirious, it's spinning inside my brain, black and white and all my efforts seem so feeble.
My knees hit the ground with the heaviness of a feverish boat and all the stars turn to black beyond the sea and the tallest trees. Why am I letting all those realizations breaking up again for a man's love?

Still in between... as I walk deep in this world, the waves are getting stronger and the trees are getting greener, forming the greatest aspiration I've ever seen. Sometimes like the sea, you have to go away and sometimes like the mountains, you have to settle down to breathe wisdom.

I've been here before, leaning on their love, listening to the same heartbeat that never dies.  Finally, a Tripolar mind is becoming part of their harmony and with the right set of eyes upon your heart, between Ocean and Mountains, you should hear me softly, whispering what true Love is.

Mara DelroseComment