Aqua Love

Aqua Love

You know I'm a dream, I can't truly exist

So, follow the dream and lean on my kiss

Close your eyes and stop to resist

I’m an empty sea, you’re the alchemist 


Our soul tremble, it’s how we know we’re alive

-My love only live to survive

I want you to swim inside the abyss of my fantasy

-I want to make love while we write poetry


-I am just like heaven and hell

-I have to hate myself

-This dream makes me feel the wrong high

-Why you're the one who makes me cry?


Come stand with me on the mountain

-Why should I jump from the mountain?

-You're just a dream, you can't truly explain.. 

-You’re always been the reason why l cry the darkest fountain


Bleeding dark blue, drinking my own soul

-In slow motion, why can't you fix this black hole?


Drown inside an unconditional fountain

He had to fall from the mountain

He had to fall to be in love

I had to hurt to feel love

I had to kill my true love



Mara Delrose1 Comment