The last bird

I'm the last bird on Earth.

Moving souls across the entire universe, over billion of years birds flew to lucidity inside invisible poems, reaching the Earth to cry them all over the dry lands, they give us life.  Birds dancing over their broken blue crystals, they live to fly and their sea wave to die. Haunted poems birds sing to pierce humans hearts, ravaged by their own destiny they opened their faith over bruising wars, crying sounds and bleeding love.  Translucent feathers along guns, they fought with wings to create belief in freedom. 

Their life stories like delicateness romance, losing friends near Venus, feathers in smoke and their little bones broke.  Surrender streets lights, at the top of their lungs they'll scream humans insanity to a new horizon, birds fly away like falling silhouette of a misheard truth. The birds echoes in the universe melted away in dust, bleeded colors and nebula dance.

And now that they're all gone... Who will sing for us?  Who will show us the way?  Who will give us hope and love?  


Mara Delrose1 Comment