I'm DaVinci you are Mozart

 Just connect yourself with me

Close your eyes in the darkness, with the guitar melodies and waves of feathers in our hair, we leave Earth and we rise to the stars until infinite intelligence. All the answers we have inside baby, I'm here for you as you are alive breathing now just for me so we can reach higher the divine intelligence. I'm DaVinci you are Mozart, both something else. How powerful this could be if we reach the deepest part of our subconscious together, where you could found the melodies sounds like god's revelation and I could make you feel the deepest feelings a man can have. We shouldn't be so afraid of love. What if this is a dream, and we dream of dreams? I don't want to be stuck here on the surface. I have to leave for the next level of dreams. What if, when we are connected, we could see all the answers where the geniuses opened their doors, we could come back here and be the Gods of this dream.

Mara DelroseComment