Didn't I

Didn't I


I had to choke my veins when the beat grew crazy inside and above me,

I'm about to come and part of your voice I want to be,

My knife penetrating your vibrated throat getting rid of spasms,

I come inside your vocal cords like the freshest orgasm,

When even the entire Universe never knew how to handle such a feeling,

Our soul dressed of blood without gravity and our planet felted so heavy,

Never again you will sing and either I will come from your sounds,

All I wanted was high pitch notes injections by leap and bounds,

Breaking The Louvre, thrusting me against every Rubens, 

I wanted you deep deep inside inside screaming are we humans?

Shivering the answer in each other like an epileptic seizure,

My hands reaching heaven, I’d give it all again for an evil creature.




Mara DelroseComment