Where is the Love

I might be only in my twenties but I can show the way to the humanity, my purpose never has been so big and important, I feel I can do it; I will give hope to the world.  And this is not a feeling that came in one night, I raised that feeling for years because I've been alone on my own and I felted pain so deeply and so many time, I tasted lies, madness, cruelty, insanity... I walked alone breathed the air of this wicked world and I couldn't fight the tears that were coming.  But I stand and I grow up becoming a caring soul. Today, I'm ready to burn all this selfishness and none sense inside humans, I want to see this black smoke escaping from your soul and bring back your forgotten inside light.

That night when I built that helmet I bled to know if I was alive, in my dark room I couldn't understand where was the love... It was my call to the bigot's wall because too many times I felted like a fool trying to share understanding to people who only cares by their own existence, I felted that I was the only one who truly cares... I asked myself what's so funny about peace, love and understanding? Where is the love?

Love is our chance and we shouldn't waste time on earth like we all do, this generation needs harmony more than anything and this time might be our last.  So, you can't just sit there and cover your heart from true feelings!  What if I can really make a change? I don't want the world to see me but I want the world to see what I can do and those visuals can wake up those numb indifferent teenagers and make people becoming better human beings.

If Love is our language, We will rise, won't fall.



Mara DelroseComment