The Masked Muse

The Masked Muse *teaser

This is a charater I invented for a new Artist. As this society is so selfish and beauty will make you lose sense of reality, I decided to create this idea of a woman who is really attractive but she will prefer to cover her face and let her soul express what she have inside. She is more connected with nature than with humans obviously.  Animals are all attracted to her, the second she enters in a forest, they follow her. She's pure, and nothing else than Harmony and Love matters.  I imagined a signer with a sweet voice and a poweful force that will make you travel inside your soul.  She has a dark side like everyone, but she aspires to be balanced and to find true love.  

The Music Videos for this concept will be shot in the most beautiful landscapes on Earth and always with different animals, simply her, moving inside the reality, making you dream about finding peace and true love.

In this war, between the masked lies and the farthest stars, someone exists for someone else in the universe. Find me

-The Masked Muse

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