Escort Money Wolf *teaser

This is a Music Video for a rapper about Money and Escorts. It first takes place in an hotel room where the "Artist" will be in a fight with a regular Escort he was falling for. She screams asking for more money, this time to buy her facial injections and he realizes he can't deal with this anymore and he has to tell her everything that's been siting inside him since day 1.  It's rude, dark, real.  

The money is the wolf and she can't see what life is about without the wolf
Always the wolf, dying for the wolf
It's not hard to explain, every month they become closer to the wolf
They wear longer nails, heavier fur, living for the night, under the moonlight,
Always ready to bite
Girl pushing the pain, higher in the valley, seeking like a wolf
Becoming worst than the wolf
But Girl
there is something else inside you
there is something beautiful inside you,
Don't let the fucking wolf destroy you,
I can't rescue you,
Remove that Silicon Valley inside you, break those fake nails, drop that designer fur and become pure


More coming soon...

Mara DelroseComment