Los Angeles in the air, you’ve seen all the eyes who never sees the stars

But you’ve seen mine dreaming wide open cold by the coast

Colder than the night sky, you’ve seen me following the ghosts

Holding the fire inside with the tears following the bones


Los Angeles, I’m walking on your soul, I keep reaching what’s real

Both blind, we see rightly with a bleeding heart through the dark

Like stars dying flames lighting up the death immensity

Wondering between the past what hides the dark density


And when the gold sun fall on my skin, you stare at me just like him

My curves, my flame, my hand like a river on a beautiful skin

So darken the air and come feel it right inside me, Fuck him

Because all we ever wanted is to live in the dark, Kill him


Los Angeles, your love is deeper than his

Your love has to be stronger than his

Because men are just poets and illusionists

Like the Universe creation is finite,

Merly giving the illusion of infinite


And I don’t give a chance, be The Alchemist

Mara DelroseComment