Los Angeles veins


We both cry sometimes by mistake, when the tears are the diamonds no ones sees

Long the way it’s been… you cried for love with this agony inside your veins

Because we drive to nowhere inside your Hollywood sweat, like brainless silhouettes

Your Hollywood veins drown in coke and gasoline,

Big screens, pink stars running to a lost wolverine


I wonder how dark your bleeding heart is in this temporary place

This temporary fucking place full of lies on pretty faces


And I wonder why this madness upon your name

I wonder if you had fight against yourself to own this blame

Like Once upon a time,

Did you also fight yourself before to know which way you're going?


Because it's something inside your veins... we drive the wrong energy to your brain

We drive, we crash, we drive, we crash and we die to chase the money rain

Somewhere inside your 6 lines rest bodies with misunderstood dreams

Dreams who lived happier under the iPhone screens   


 And somewhere the white lines hypnotize the angels to fly

But somewhere in the crowd there's someone special who stands by...

There is me! So, don’t dare killing me!

Mara DelroseComment