Los Angeles, you see me like an infinite loop of passion and beauty

You see me like an irresistible tragedy

In the city of numbness I'm winning with my heart

I penetrate the deepest feeling a city can have and I go deeper in my art

But Los Angeles, you never knew my real intentions

I made you think I was a better woman than I would


And now your lights breaking up in tears...

Los Angeles, hold on I'm not even close to your heart

I'm just drunk in your veins, I uber everywhere just to find home

Los Angeles, hold on and let me come tonight, pull my hair and make me strong

It's in the air, it's in my heart, my love is a fucking bomb


You’ve seek me out, you’ve seen my real intentions...

Like you always knew but all you want is to dive in your obsession

Because I made you felt the past in the present like an epileptic fusion

And deep inside you showed me all the ghosts shining, screaming

And you’ve seen my lips charming, my flame dancing and you’ve been falling


But Los Angeles, tell your love to hate me

Don’t cry for me... poor a little cloud and hide from me

Let your feelings kiss the moonlight and let me feel this high

And when it's hurts tell your love to hate me even if isn't true

Because when the pain will set this town on fire, I be the angel piercing through

Mara DelroseComment