I'm a spiritual dislexic French Canadian half Moroccan living in Los Angeles.

I model for my own concepts, write poetry and I edit my own photographies because I'm the only one who can draw my soul and its imperfect pieces.  I have a strong emotional intelligence, so I can easily go deep inside my character and create meaningful controversial series.  

As a creative artist, I'm definetly driven by music. It makes me travel inside the abyss of my subsconcious, a sweet melody will come to me in multiple dimensions, it's like mixing all the senses and colors in every bouncing seconds; words feel like touch and sounds like images.  In the craziest or darkest moment it will reach the oldest door of my soul, like the strongest braingasm you could ever imagine.  Everything here comes from those high moments of my journey on Earth.  I'm naturally very intense and I have this need to share with you my interesting tragedy through powerful imageries.